I am wondering what time of the day most of these gigs need to be performed? I am a stay at home Mom and I see this as a great gig to do while kids are at school from 9:30AM till 2:30PM. Do these hours work for most things posted or are evening / week-end hours needed? Also - how long does a gig take until your finished? — Asked by Anonymous

At the bottom of every gig you’re about to start is a list of “Valid Times” a gig can be completed. And, if, for any reason, you begin a gig outside of the specified hours, it will automatically prevent you from completing the gig. You’ll be notified by an in-app message.

Sometimes a gig will have very specific hours, so it’s always good to take a look at those valid times, but generally, it is best to complete a gig during hours when there is still enough light to see the storefront (if it is an outside business). This can easily be a weekday or a weekend. That’s part of the beauty of Gigwalk, it can be in a passing-by of a business, especially if it’s one of the businesses you frequent! 

Per the time it takes to finish a gig, it depends on the tasks and how you approach it. Some are more involved than others. For the gigs that require just a few questions and photos, and maybe a panorama, there are two main approaches—the sorry or please approach.

In the Please Approach you can introduce yourself, tell the business what you’re there for, and ask to take photos. This may take more time than the Sorry Approach. With this approach, sometimes you can be in and out of a business within a matter of minutes, getting all the photos you need, then completing the gig just outside or nearby to fill out all the comments and questions. This is the sorry approach since the business may notice you taking photos and ask you to stop.

In general, however, it can take between five and fifteen minutes to complete these gigs when answering the questions or going back through your camera to verify the pictures came out well (if you used your iPhone camera and not the in-app camera), and due to upload times.

So, while the time taken to complete a gig depends on the type of tasks involved, it also matters which approach you take and how stealthy you can be. 

Hope this helps!


Can I take a pic by a digital camera or another device and upload by iphone? — Asked by Anonymous

The importance of the gigs being done by iPhone is to capture data such as where the photo was taken, date, time, etc. If you save a photo on your phone from an outside device, that data doesn’t doesn’t quite transfer, or, it is not obtained at all (a digital camera usually doesn’t have GPS capabilities), thus the Gigwalk app cannot detect the information it needs and rejects the photo. Wish I could tell you different.

Your fellow Gigwalker,


I submitted a gig for streetcred and it got rejected due to the client not being able to access my Photosynth account. I submitted my username, not my Live ID, so I don't know why they couldn't access it. Is there any way I can resubmit my Photosynth username for them to try again? I'm too far away to retry the gig completely (if it would even let me). — Asked by Anonymous

Try a couple of things:
1) Did you double check that your panorama uploaded correctly?
2) Does it have all of the information? (IE: Is this business name tagged to the panorama? Is the business name spelled wrong via the Photosynth app?)
3) Check the above, then contact Gigwalk at community (at) gigwalk.com


Car Dealership Gig Tips

Some tips from a fellow Gigwalker. Thanks! And here you go, everyone:

I asked for some tips, but now that I’ve done a couple car dealership gigs, I have some suggestions.

  • Be very mindful of what’s going on around you. It would be almost impossible to write down all of the responses while you’re actually doing the gig, so try to remember as much detail as you can while you’re dealing with the salesperson. A good memory is crucial.
  • Be vague when describing what car you want. Something like, “I want a car with good mileage that doesn’t sacrifice performance,” should work. Most dealerships will have something like that to offer.
  • Getting the pictures of the car and the exterior of the dealership is easy. When getting your picture of the salesperson, ask him/her to stand next to the car so you can get a sense of scale. Point the camera at the car, but zoom in on the salesperson. Works every time. For dealership interior pictures, just pretend you’re texting while you do it.
  • When you tell the salesperson you’re not interested, prepare to feel a little pressure. These people are professionals (for the most part) and they don’t take kindly to the word “no.” Just stand your ground and they’ll back off, or let them know you might be interested in the future and that will surely get them off your case.
  • When writing this gig up, make sure to be very detailed and specific in your responses. Direct quotes or paraphrases of your interactions are very helpful.
  • When writing the response about your general feelings during the gig (the one that requires at least 200 words), this website will be very helpful: http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script2/countwords.shtml
  • Try to press the salesperson on the benefits of buying vs. leasing. They might try to hard sell one vs. the other based on what would be more beneficial to them.
    can u use gigwalker using only a wi-fi connection — Asked by Anonymous

    There have been many updates, but Gigwalk can only be used when you have an internet connection available. From our understanding, the reasons are that photographs need the geotagging information to sense you’re taking photos on location and to make sure that info is sent into the “Gigasphere” in real time to notify others when a gig has already been started and/or completed.

    Has anyone done a car dealership gig yet? I'm gearing up (no pun intended) to do some next week and have yet to see any tips regarding them. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance! — Asked by Anonymous

    No, we haven’t done one yet. But please post your tips here for doing one once you have completed the gig. We would be very interested in your experience!!!

    Question regarding taking MENU pictures from a take-out menu at a location different from the restaurant. You wrote as a tip: "With a takeout menu, you can retreat to yon local Starbucks, ATM vestibule or other quiet well-lit place to take your menu pictures at your leisure."

    How close do you need to be to the restaurant to take pictures? I know that the photos are geo-tagged and so they can tell if the photos are taken within the restaurant's proximity. But do you know how close I need to be to the restaurant when I take the MENU pictures? Same block, .3 miles, .5 miles, etc... THANKS!!! — Asked by Anonymous

    In my experience, you need to be within 1 mile of the Gig in order to upload.

    show credibility

    This is something i made to help show credibility. i will print this using duplex and have it laminated. If you can make it better your free to do so. it will also make you have to do less talking. 

    Verizon- Android vs iPhone gig tips

    The are fun easy gigs.  You dont need to check in or announce yourself.  You’ll need 4 pics of iphone display, 4 of android display, answer some questions, get some outside window shots and your done. The biggest tip on this one is to start your timer in the last question right away.  I didn’t notice it until I was done with everything else my first time, as it was the last question and in this question it has you start a timer and count how many people are buying a product.  So, as soon as you get there start counting how many people are purchasing and start your timer.  Have fun!